jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2009


We locally lessen the problem by telling other people from our community and from other cities too to contribute and donate their hair for a good cause. We explained the causes of the project and gave them the right information about how to donate their hair and where to deposit it.

The project has been very successful because with the help of ATS community and the girls and a couple of boys that accepted to donate their hair, we have collected near to 200 braids in the years 2008-2009.

The theme of the project is important today because in these days, fashion and physical looks are very important for girls and boys, so we don't want them to lose their self esteem because they are already suffering from the disease. It also helps for donators to learn that helping others is to give something that really belongs to us and that it really hurts us to give into others that really need it.

What we learned was about the cancer treatments, the way they feel about their disease, and the way that people in our community care about helping others. We were proud to see that many many adolescents asked us about how to donate their hair and where to deliver i

We have been achieving our goal since we started the campaign. Many people have been helping and the committee has been working very hard to give wigs to girls that don't have hair

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  1. Hola, Mi nombre es Lorena y quiero donar mi pelo pero no se con quien dirigirme me podrían ayudar?

  2. Me gustaría donar mi pelo pero nose donde dirigirme me podrían ayudar?

  3. Hola soy Elisa y me gustaría donar mi cabello, hay algún lugar en la CDMX a donde pueda acudir?