jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2009

Background Information

Reduce Child Mortality: This is one of the eight United Nation´s Millenium Development Goals. It was created to fight against diseases that children without resources have and don't have money to pay the treatment. Children are dying in a very short age because of lack of medicines and care. If we pay more attention to their needs, we will be able to reduce child mortality.

The situation in Tampico and Mexico regarding the reduction of child mortality is that there are many children getting sick and don't have the resources to attend a doctor or they cannot afford the treatments and medicines. Children with cancer are the most affected, though there are a variety of associations and centers to help these children, they still become unhappy and they can't have a normal life. For example, it is usual for people to become hairless because of quimiotherapy, and afterward they feel really depressed and shy of showing themselves to other people because they don't have hair.

The main causes of the problem are the lack of attention from their families, the lack of money, lack of a good medical attention and lack of higene in the place where they live.

Trencitas de Amor is an organization which dedicates to recollect braids and then send them to a factory which makes special wigs for people with cancer, not only children.

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